My 2o17 resolutions



Happy New Year Everyone!
Christmas is over, the chocolates have been indulged (along with a few bottles of prosecco) and it’s time to resume to ‘regular’ life, where we actually know what day it is boooo! So as it’s the beginning of a new year I have decided to set myself a few ‘honest’ resolutions and goals that I would desirably like to have worked towards by December. So lets get started, although some may seem a bit obvious I feel like I need to actually write them out in order for me to stick to it, nothing like a bit of self-guilt to start off the new year.

Firstly, for me my skin is a massive problem and I’m going to try and concentrate on buying more skincare products in order to make my skin healthy and glowing without make-up. I suffer from extremely dry skin, and it seems at the minute no matter how many oil based products I use, within a couple of hours the flakiness is back. My skin is relatively sensitive also, meaning that I suffer from redness and I have to be careful with which products I use so I don’t irritate it further. I have started reading up on the different chemicals which I need to avoid in products that will help stop irritation and redness. It’s so easy to cover up with make-up (which I am guilty of) but I have even noticed a change in how well my make-up applies due to the dryness. I am hoping to create a routine in which I will stick to and bin my make up wipes which I have to admit I am also guilty of using.

Next on the list is to drink more water, boring I know but it kind of links together with my first resolution. I am really not a big drinker throughout the day and genuinely forget to drink whether it being juice, water or wine (as if i’d forget about my wine). But with the hope of drinking more water regularly I’m hoping will help hydrate my skin and will make me less hungry. (Pigs can fly can’t they? Unless I eat them as well). I have purchased a filtered water bottle so I can have it at home, work and at the gym so I have no excuses!

Thirdly, this one is slightly more trivial and more kind of a challenge rather than a resolution but its to wear less black outfits. I have always said I will stop wearing black when a darker colour is made but I think it may be time for a change. With 99.9% of the clothing in my wardrobe being black it will be hard to not wear it at all but, I’m going to try and wear new colours and step out of the ‘all black everythannng’ comfort zone.

Next, is to read more often. Whether it being books, magazines, blog posts, newspapers etc. Considering I am studying Journalism at University I probably don’t read as often as I should, which I admit is stupid and I spend too much time binge watching box-sets on netflix, but one of the best ways to make your own writing improve is to read others writing and find inspiration. I really want to write more regular blog posts, I’m still currently in the mind set of “omg what if people I know read my posts” but then I think well so what? Isn’t that kind of the point? I mean people write what they’ve had for their tea on Facebook so why am I bothered if people are reading what I’ve wrote about which is something I’ve sat down, researched about and took hours to write. Which takes me perfectly onto my next one which is to definitely stop caring about what people think, especially people who don’t even know you.

My last one and probably the most important is to start looking at things that happen more positively. I’m more of a pessimist and can often look at everything from a negative side especially when it’s not expected. I hope this year to find a positive in everything I can, and learn that if things don’t go the way that I was hoping there are still other ways that are not half as bad as initially think.

I do have other ones on my list such as keep my car tidy, and to be more organised but I feel as if they’re self explanatory and are basically just adult duties that I am too lazy to do (but will make more of an effort this year). If you have any recommendations for skin care products for dry skin or have any of your own resolutions feel free to tell me below.