Student style: Everyday make-up on a budget


Sometimes buying make up can be a bit over whelming when you walk into Boots and there are tonnes of shelves full of make up screaming “buy me”. Maybe you’re new to wearing make up or maybe you’re also a student on a budget. I’m going to share what products I like using on an everyday basis which are also affordable.

Face | Primer
A primer is not 100% necessary however, it can sometimes be the biggest factor in achieving your make up to apply smoothly. I like to use a moisturising primer as I have dry skin. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer is perfect for the job and is one of my all time favourite primers. Although if I was to go on a night out I would use a primer such as Smashbox Photo Ready just to be certain that it wouldn’t budge for the whole night.

Face | Foundation
Depending on what skin type you have you may want to chose carefully what formula foundation you buy. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is a dewy good all rounder foundation which has a buildable coverage and is perfect for young skin. If you suffer with oily skin then Revlon Colour Stay Foundation is a really good choice as they do two formulas specifically for different skin types. Both are affordable, and can be used easily every day.

Face | Concealer
Again, concealer is not a necessity in a make up bag but can be a dream when a spot appears from nowhere. To cover up spots and redness, a yellow based concealer will do the trick nicely. However to cover up dark under eye circles a peach based concealer would do a better job and looks less cakey on the skin. Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer is a cheap solution and have four shades available.

Face | Powder
Powder acts as a finishing step to make your make up matte and stop it from sliding around your face. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is really good for making foundation stay on the skin without making your foundation thick. It is also a bargain at only £3.99!

Face | Bronzer
Bronzer can be used to contour and make the illusion of shadows and depth to the face or can be dusted all over to create a tanned look. My go-to day bronzer has to be Sleek Contour Kit- Light as it is perfect for a subtle tan colour. Benefit’s Hoola bronzer is also a bronzer I use often, more for when I attempt to find my cheekbones and contour.

Face | Blusher
The hunt for a good blusher can sometimes be difficult as I find that there are not many options on the shelves, however Sleek have a fantastic range which are really affordable. My favourite blush that I use every-day is the shade “Rose Gold”, it is a light pink shade and has gold specs embossed into the product which leaves a subtle glow on the cheek. If you prefer a peachy shade for your skin tone (and have a bit of extra money to spend) MAC’s Peaches blusher is a perfect alternative and leaves a matte finish.

Eyes | Mascara
For me personally, I do not feel that I look “awake” without mascara. As I have small eyes, I feel a lot more comfortable when my eyelashes stand out and can be seen. My all time favourite mascara EVER has to be the Maybelline False Lash Effect in Black Waterproof. Although it is quite tough to remove, it is honestly one of the best mascaras I have ever used and I re-purchase it monthly without fail. It lengthens, curls and volumises your eyelashes actually giving you a false lash effect without making your lashes clumpy.

Eyes | Brows
My eyebrow pencil is literally my holy grail, I never leave the house without my eyebrows penciled in as I just feel so much more comfortable when they’re applied. I think this is a really good step in your make up routine as definition of the eyebrows help frame your face and make it appear slightly thinner. The pencil I personally like to use is Soap and Glory Archery in the colour ‘Hot Chocolate’. It has a pencil one end and a spooly the other to comb your eyebrows and flatten any stray hairs.

Lips | Balm & Lipstick
Before I apply my make up I personally like to put on a lip balm just so if I decide to wear a lipstick later in the day my lips have had some moisture in preparation. I use many different lip balms, such as Carmex, Maybelline Baby Lips or a good old tin of Vaseline. My favourite lipstick to wear of a daytime is MAC’s Velvet Teddy (predictable) or NYX liquid lipstick in shade ‘Cannes’.

I hope this has helped anyone curious in experimenting with new make-up products, or intending to update their make-up bag.

If you have any questions about any of the products I have mentioned please comment down below.